Multilayer pots

Drawing, blanking and bulging with EVXL/120 T for producing multi-layer pots

With the employ of multilayer metals (stainless steel 304/aluminium/stainless steel 430), heat conductivity and distribution during food cooking are higher with respect to the use of traditional metals. Thanks to the completely programmable functions, that allow force adjustment, speeds and strokes of main slide, blankholder and ejectors, the drawing operation obtained by Galdabini presses, EV series, was free of defects, enhancing material quality and part manufacture.

The modular concept of the project is based on the application of different drawing and metal forming methods and different layout configurations, from the stand-alone machines to the complex lines with feeding loaders, automatic transfer systems, robots and complementary machines. The implemented control software, the quick die change option and the ease of maintenance, complete the characteristics of this family of machines.

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