1000 ton EV hydraulic press with movable table die changing for elastoforming of aeronautical components  

Stamping press flexibility takes into consideration the need to reduce time and risks of changeover by adopting an automatic die change system with movable tables that allows a machine to be fast fitted by a hydraulic die locking system to minimize machine set-up time.

The machine structure has many accuracy levels, in particular to table planarity, parallelism between the main slide and the table and the cylinder sliding along guides; Very tight tolerances of around 5/100 allow a significant reduction of wear of the dies and all the rest of machine moving parts.

Another important contribution to the high performance level of EV/1000 press comes from a numerical control that is able to handle 3 functions (action), with relevant pressure cycles; In addition to the upper and lower cylinders, the press is equipped with a third cylinder, used for fine-tuning, blanking, for workpiece ejection and many other tasks. Remarkable attention to environmental issues led our design and software team to introduce functions, as: automatic switch-off of the motors after 20 minutes of inactivity, automatic detection of oil leakages, high performance (excellent ratio developed speed/used power).

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