Tensile tests on thermoplastic pipes

ISO 6259

ISO 6259

Tests on pipes in HDPE material, using a machine with a capacity of up to 50KN

The reference Standard which determines the test methods and the specimen types is ISO 6259. The tested sample is obtained directly from a finished tube, with thickness up to 60 mm and outside diameters from a minimum of 15 mm up to diameters higher than 450 mm.

Test is performed on specimens’ type 1 obtained by machining, type 2 obtained by a die cutting machine and type 3 obtained by machining. The high performing fixture chosen by Galdabini engineering meets the tests on specimen’s type 3 (width 100 mm and thickness up to 60 mm), which foresees a hole made in the specimen ends by means of a standardized punch. For the other two types of specimens (type 1 and type 2) clamping is performed by wedge grips, of traditional concept, but with particularly wide opening thus considering the foreseen maximum thickness.

A self-supporting extensometer, model Micron has been installed on the machine for the measurement of stress at yield point and elongation at break, which are parameters required by ISO 6259.

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