Tensile test of texture strips

ISO 13934-1, ISO 13937-2, ISO 1421

ISO 13934-1, ISO 13937-2, ISO 1421

These Standards mainly apply to fabrics, as technical fabrics, woven fabrics, with elastomeric fibers and coated fabrics

These ISO Standards are used for a wide variety of fabrics. Inside ISO 1421 Standard there are two paragraphs:

  • Method 1, called Strip Test: with a fabric strip to be used for a tensile test, is useful to determine the mechanical properties of the material. Grips can be with parallel closing with specific waved inserts.
  • Method 2, called Grab Test, is a method for the determination of tensile strength, where only the central part of the specimen width is gripped in the jaws.

The use of the extensometer is not required because it is sufficient to detect deformation through the crosshead stroke, anyway, if desired, the Video extensometer is available

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